A Single Mindset Shift To Improve Health, Wealth and Creativity

Have you been struggling with improving your health, wealth, or creativity? I've struggled with all three for many years until I learned something that helped me with all these areas of my life, and more. 

One thing that affects our health, wealth and creativity levels is our mindset. It is one of our most powerful tools, either for creation (growth) or destruction(fixed). If we don't take charge of training our mindset, others will do it for us!

If we have a growth mindset then we believe that we can grow and change, no matter what our circumstances, by putting effort, time and energy into getting better at something.

If we have a fixed mindset then we believe that we cannot change the situations we are in, that we cannot learn and grow if we choose.

I can choose to believe that my level of health is stuck where I am now and that genetics and my body type won't allow me to be healthy. OR I can choose to believe that if I put consistent effort into learning about eating healthy foods, moving my body, caring for my mental health and emotions then I can improve my health. No matter what my family history or personal history has been.

I can also choose to believe that my financial future will be like what I was taught in my past. Money doesn't grow on trees, money is the root of all evil, successful people are assholes, rich people are greedy...feel free to add in any limiting beliefs you were taught about money. OR I can choose to believe that I can learn to expand my capacity to earn, hold and grow money, that my wealth consciousness can always be improved, that I can learn lucrative skills and trade value for money to massively increase my income and freedom.

And sure, I can choose to believe that I have no control over my reality, my future or my experiences. I can believe that life happens to me and that my luck will never change and that a life of my dreams is impossible. ORI can choose to believe I am a conscious creator, working with the divine laws of the universe to manifest a reality that I have designed to allow me to be my highest self, live my best life on my terms, and render my highest quality service to the rest of creation. 

I am powerful and capable of making any changes I desire.

The belief that you can improve anything if you give it your best shot, is the only belief that matters.

This singular mindset shift from a fixed to a growth mindset was a shift that, for me, trickled down and made every other mindset shift after that easier.

For example:

Trying to shift from a lack to an abundance mindset feels like a huge leap to me. (How can I think/feel/act abundant when I can't even pay my bills?) I find it easier to instead go "I can learn how to improve abundance mindset and if I put consistent effort and energy into learning and implementing, I WILL improve my abundance mindset!

If you want to learn more about growth vs. fixed mindsets and the science behind how you can use this mindset shift to improve all areas of your life, check out the book "Mindset" by Carol Dweck.

I hope this was helpful for you and you continue learning and using your growth mindset.